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How to control the drilling quality of the tapping machine


The position accuracy of the automatic tapping machine at the beginning of drilling usually depends on the position of the hole, which can effectively convert the position accuracy of the dynamic control hole to the accuracy of the hole position to a certain extent. Because the proofing machine will play a decisive and important role in controlling the position of the air.

1. In order to make it easier for the machine tool of the automatic tapping machine to draw deep groove marks during the processing process, a sharp cutter head high scale must be selected, and then the resistance movement of the sample punch is used to determine it. The right location.

2. It is necessary to draw the control area of each size hole to prevent and reduce the size deviation between the visual hole center and the ideal position; however, if you want to ensure the position accuracy, you can use a caliper to measure when drilling.

3. In order to effectively reduce the number of low hole reaming, the correction method of repairing the file and drilling the bottom hole must be transferred to the position deviation of the sample punching for correction, which can reduce the occurrence of this situation. Circumstances, the processing time is shortened more effectively.

In the process of processing, if you want to effectively ensure the quality of the drilling before tapping by the automatic tapping machine, you must strictly follow the above three steps to avoid unnecessary situations.

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