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In The Tapping Machine Five Advantages Of Automatic Tapping Machindustry


The rise of automatic tapping machines has made major breakthroughs in stamping and tapping workpieces. One is to save time for debugging the machine, and the other is to improve processing efficiency. The price of automatic drilling machines is also much higher than that of manual drilling machines. The control operation of the CNC system makes the workpiece more accurate and effective. So what are the advantages of the automatic tapping machine?

1. High precision

The punching operation is controlled by the CNC numerical control system, the programming data of the workpiece is implanted, the accurate data is marked for computer analysis, and then the drilling and tapping operations are performed manually, thereby improving the accuracy of drilling and tapping.

2. Fast drilling speed

This is also because the servo motor used in the automatic drilling machine is combined with the CNC numerical control system, and the drilling speed can be as high as 24,000 rpm. In a well-written program, the drill will automatically drill through the CNC system to improve work efficiency without wasting time and materials.

3. Easy to operate and use

In any machinery industry, training is required, and the company provides specialized training and after-sales service. In the operation of the CNC system, it is also the simplified Chinese version of the interface. The basic operation can be set manually, and the operation is simple and convenient.

4. Automatic breaking position alarm stop function

This function is uniquely designed by the company. During the automatic drilling process, when the drill bit breaks, the work light above the CNC system will give a red alarm, and the machine will stop working abnormally.

5. CNC numerical control system is powerful

The above five points are all about the main advantages of the automatic tapping machine.

The tapping machine produced by Yueli automation equipment has been widely used in hardware production and processing. It has changed the traditional manual operation, which was complicated, slow, poor quality, and inefficient. The production capacity has been greatly increased. Contact:Nina.h@yueli-tech.com

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