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Five-Axis Engraving And Milling Machine
  • Five-Axis Engraving And Milling MachineFive-Axis Engraving And Milling Machine

Five-Axis Engraving And Milling Machine

High quality Five-Axis Engraving And Milling Machine made in China. YueLi is Five-Axis Engraving And Milling Machine manufacturer and supplier in China.

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Product Description

Five-axis engraving and milling machine

Hot sale quality Five-Axis Engraving And Milling Machine made in China. YueLi is Five-Axis Engraving And Milling Machine manufacturer and supplier in China.

Functional Overview:

1. Specialized in the processing of small porous parts and products. It is suitable for processing mobile phone parts, communication equipment, aerospace, automobiles and motorcycles, instrumentation, light industry and textile, electronic appliances and machinery manufacturing industries, as well as processing of copper and aluminum electrodes.

2. The structure is made of high-strength cast iron and has undergone stress-relief annealing and natural aging treatment. The accuracy of the bed is long-lasting and stable, and it will not deform for a long time;

3. Use a high-precision electric spindle to achieve high-speed processing of workpieces; use an oil temperature cooling machine system to reduce the temperature rise problem caused by high-speed rotation of the spindle, effectively improve the thermal extension of the spindle, and improve processing accuracy.

4. The base of the machine body adopts a rear tilt structure design to facilitate the cleaning of waste inside the machine tool.

5. The structural design of the high column increases the distance from the spindle nose to the workbench, which is more suitable for the installation and application of fourth-axis components and makes the processing area wider;

6. It adopts an automatic oil injector for orbital lubrication and controls the oil injection amount intermittently and quantitatively, which can lubricate moving parts for a long time.

Mechanical parameters:

Mechanical parameters



Workbench travel (X/Y/Z)



Workbench area






weight capacity



Distance from spindle center to column



Distance from spindle nose to worktable



Three axis motor power



X.Y.Z rapid feed




Customer options

Spindle end specifications


Spindle speed



Spindle motor power



positioning accuracy






Air pressure specifications



physical dimension



Mechanical weight (approx.)



Processing product display:

Craft production:

1.Cast iron is reheated at high temperature and aged for more than six months

2.Rigorous assembly process (rail assembly, lead screw assembly, bearing assembly, etc.)

3.Superb scraping technology (motor seat scraping, spindle end face scraping, column mounting surface scraping)

4.Scientific production, traceability of the whole process of the quality control system

Quality assurance

1、When the pitch error is detected, the straightness of the linear guide in xx and yy directions can be detected at the same time to ensure the machining and assembly accuracy of the machine parts. The formal positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool are measured

2、The verticality of the main shaft and the working plane accuracy of the whole machine must be guaranteed within 0.01mm

3、The verticality between Z-axis guide rail and working is required to be guaranteed within 0.01mm.

4、The machine detects the verticality of xy axis guide rail, and the accuracy is required to be within 0.005mm.

Application field

Suitable for small and medium-sized box class, plate class, plate class, valve class, shell class, mold and other complex parts of a variety of small and medium-sized batch processing, widely used in precision parts, precision mold, 5G products, hardware, auto parts, medical equipment industry.

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