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Precautions for inspection before use of multi shaft tapping machine


1. Inspection before use of multi-axis tapping machine: whether the chuck is in good condition; Whether the work table is parallel; Push on the main power switch.

2. Startup steps of the multi shaft tapping machine: Main motor operation: Turn the motor operation button dry to make the motor operate in a positive or negative direction; Operation method selection: Depending on the operation requirements, you can choose between positive and negative operation methods; Normal operation: Pull the motor operation button to the normal operation position to make the motor operate normally to drive the drill bit to move. Use the dry probe to move the hand wheel downward to feed the drill bit, and release the hand wheel to automatically rebound; Reverse operation: Pull the motor operation button to the reverse operation position, and the motor can be operated by rotating the handle in reverse operation.

3. Steps for stopping the multi shaft tapping machine: When taking a break at noon, leaving work or stopping work, the drilling machine should be placed in a stopped state. Operation should be stopped: Set the motor operation button to the 0FF position to stop it; Cut off the power supply: Pull down the main power switch.

4. Precautions during the use of the multi shaft tapping machine: the drill jig cannot be knocked, and it needs to be fixed with a wrench or the drill bit; When drilling, it is necessary to note that the drill bit cannot drill onto the platform or fixture; When drilling, it is necessary to set a center point for the position where the workpiece is drilled; When the drilling hole diameter is greater than 10 MI, it should be drilled in 2-3 times from small to large; The rotation speed of the drilling machine is adjusted according to the size of the drill bit, and the pulley is adjusted. The larger the diameter of the pulley is, the slower the rotation speed is; If the workpiece being drilled is too small, it needs to be fixed with a jig. Do not use your hands to stabilize the work; Do not wear gloves when working.

5. Multi shaft tapping machines often drain water from the air compressor. The air compressor needs to be drained frequently. If too much water from the air compressor is not drained in time, it will be brought into the pneumatic motor. Over time, the bearings become inflexible.

6. The oil cup of the dual unit (the cup on the right) needs to be refueled. As long as the pneumatic motor of the pneumatic tapping machine consists of bearings and gears, lubrication is very necessary. When refueled, the work becomes flexible, and the multi shaft tapping machine is durable.

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