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Several common faults of automatic drilling machine


Features of automatic drilling machine: lightweight, flexible, efficient, and has the advantages that other similar equipment cannot replace. The cantilever automatic drilling machine avoids the restriction of lathe, drilling machine or manual drilling, saves time, saves labor, and is not easy to rot teeth, and the tap is not easy to break.

The pneumatic motor of the automatic drilling machine is equipped with a mechanical arm, and the maximum working radius can reach 2000MM. When large workpiece and multiple holes on a workpiece can be realized, the repeated positioning is fast, which greatly improves the work efficiency and replaces the manual drilling.

The automatic drilling machine is applicable to all machinery manufacturing industries, machine tools, mold (factory) machinery, plastic machines, printing machines, packaging machinery factories, engineering machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, aviation engines, rolling stock, tobacco machinery, general machinery and other industries.

The emergence of automatic drilling machines has enabled many industries in China to develop rapidly. Drilling equipment is mainly used for secondary processing of some small parts. In the process of machining, the part is cut by tapping the teeth, so that there is a layer of thread inside or a hole in the part. The automatic drilling machine is more convenient in operation than the traditional lathe, with relatively fast reset and high processing efficiency. However, because it is a mechanical device, it cannot avoid failure.

Several common faults of automatic drilling machine.

Power failure: In some cases, the automatic drilling machine will suddenly not run when it is running. For example, after opening open source, the device cannot run. In this case, it is usually due to poor power contact. General contact failure is mainly caused by surface fuse or low power. So when you find that the automatic drilling machine is not working, you must first check whether the power supply is loose, then check whether the power is too low, and finally check whether the fuse is burnt out.

Bearing failure: the automatic drilling machine can only be operated if there is a bearing in the automatic drilling machine. The bearing quality is good or bad. Under normal circumstances, if the drilling equipment uses domestic bearings, the probability of bearing failure will be higher. Therefore, when the tapping equipment fails, it is also necessary to check whether the bearing is faulty. If the bearing fails, it should be repaired or replaced at the first time.

Sensor fault: the sensor is in the automatic drilling machine device. The sensor is mainly used to guide the automatic drilling machine. For example, when the drilling device is drilling parts, when the automatic drilling machine does not work, you may want to check whether the sensor is normal. If the sensor fails, it should be replaced by professional personnel at the first time.

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