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The feature of the drilling taping machine


(1) Drilling tapping machine has stable torque and long service life

(2) Rapid repeated positioning(drilling tapping machine), fast cutting speed and high production efficiency;

(3) Safe torque collet ensures less tap damage(drilling tapping machine); Continuous through-hole and blind hole taps with high tapping accuracy;

(4) The working range of the drilling taping machine is large, and heavy workpieces do not need to be moved;

(5) The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, light weight, high efficiency and low working intensity, and is suitable for various light and heavy operations.

(6) Universal positioning to achieve horizontal tapping.

(7) With automatic lubrication function, it can realize the automatic ejection of tapping oil and automatic lubrication of tap, so as to realize screw in and higher efficiency.

(8) The verticality error of the fuselage is less than 0.05mm.
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