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Do you know the five advantages of multi-axis tapping machines?


Why are multi-axis tapping machines selling well? The reason is that the machine has the advantages that other tapping machines cannot replace, and because of these advantages, the multi-axis tapping machine will be recognized by the majority of customers.

1. Reduce the consumption of taps and reduce the rejection rate. Because people will inevitably show fatigue during work, once the same action is performed for a long time, people will be in a trance state. At this time, the product is very simple to be scrapped, and the tap is simply broken, which increases the processing cost.

2. There is no threshold for booting, anyone can boot. Whether it is a layman or an insider, it can be turned on after a few hours of training.

3. The quality of the tapped tooth pattern is good. Because the manual tapping machine used by the customer before, during the tapping time, the manual tapping machine relies on the threaded spindle of the tap to tap, so it simply presents the situation of rotten and slippery teeth.

However, the multi-axis tapping machine is driven by the motor's moving pitch gear, so there will be no teeth rot. The tapped teeth are beautiful and can be passed through and stopped.

4. The multi-axis tapping machine satisfies the needs of various customers, and it can be adjusted through the adjustment parameters even in special dimensions and standards. Increase the machine power exponentially. Some special products can be completed, for example, some products have multiple cavities on the same side,

Our machinery can easily tap the teeth, and one product can be produced at a time. Compared with the situation that requires several times of tapping in the past, the power is greatly improved and the processing cost of the product is reduced.

5. Workers don't need to work hard to hold the workpiece. You only need to add material to the vibrating plate when the machine is out of stock.



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