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Precautions for tapping copper materials by Brass punching slot machine


There is definitely no problem with tapping copper materials, but because the material of copper materials is relatively soft, if you do not pay attention to it, it is prone to rot or broken teeth, so our manufacturers of automatic Brass punching slot machines must pay attention to this point. , And introduce the precautions for tapping copper materials with Brass punching slot machines.

First of all, pay attention to what kind of copper the copper workpiece is, whether it is red copper or brass, and whether it is pure copper or other copper materials. Pay attention here, because copper is softer than brass, so the brass is easier to do.

If it is a copper material that requires an automatic Brass punching slot machine, the selection of the bottom hole and the tool is also very important. Hereby we recommend that customers choose cutting taps when tapping copper materials, not extrusion taps, because the raw smoke of the material, if there is the case of extrusion, the smoothness of the extruded thread is not good, and the thread accuracy is not high. It is difficult to pass the thread stop gauge inspection, but there is no problem with the chip tap. The second is that the bottom hole should be placed well, and the chip tap should be selected. The bottom hole needs to be a little smaller, so as to ensure that the thread pass and stop gauge detection can be ensured.

Yueli Machine has been making automatic Brass punching slot machines for many years. Different products have different designs. The copper automatic Brass punching slot machines we have made can pass formal inspections to ensure the stability of the machine.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult Nina.h@yueli-tech.com.

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