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Yueli Automation's Valve making machine is efficient and stable to promote work efficiency


The precision of the tooth pitch of Yueli Automation's Valve Making Machine is an automatic pickup combination. The replaceable A and B gears cooperate with the A and B shafts and the main shaft to advance according to the tooth pitch. This combination has the following two advantages:

1. High precision, no bad phenomenon to produce

The precision of the Valve Making Machine of Yueli Automation is quite high. The screw taps can run freely without any effort when they advance and retreat. The products are well-made and the threads are fine and uniform. For some thin-plate punching products, light metal, synthetic resin and other soft materials The product can also create uniform threads.

2. The Valve Making Machine is stable and efficient during processing

The Valve Making Machine of Yueli Automation is driven by the rotating main shaft during operation. It does not need to manually press the workpiece and it will not cause the workpiece to jump up. The processing speed is fast and stable.

Yueli Automation's Valve Making Machine is simple in device, and the processed items are stable and will not jump up, which can exert efficient work efficiency.

Quanzhou Yueli Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a production enterprise led by drilling tapping compound machine, drilling tapping centers and drilling tapping milling process center. The company is committed to serving various of industries such as sanitary ware, fire protection valves, hardware, electrical hardware, aerospace, machine manufacturing and so on. You can contact yueli by mail nina.h@yueli-tech.com.

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