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What is the function of the automatic tapping machine


Many friends have a simple understanding of the automatic tapping machine. Today, let us check the functions of the automatic tapping machine.

1. Detect thread quality at the same time as tapping to avoid batch defective products.

2. Tap wear detection, tap break detection, to avoid running the equipment empty, and untapping products mixed into the finished product.

3. No reaming or sweeping when tapping

4. Automatic feeding and unloading, reducing labor.

5. Repetitive tapping is accurate.

6. Accurate positioning of tapping depth.

7. The equipment has good rigidity.

8. High verticality of equipment

9. Automatic feeding and unloading work normally without jamming.

10. The turntable does not pinch the workpiece.

11. The workpiece enters the turntable in the correct position.

12. The operation is simple and convenient. Ordinary workers can be trained in one day.

13. Do not move too much. When there are too many movements, the equipment is most prone to malfunction.

Automatic tapping machine is a highly automated equipment. It has the advantages of being cheap and economical,

The equipment is simple, effective, efficient and has the advantages that other similar equipment cannot replace. Mainly automatic tapping machine

It can effectively replace the processes of lathe, CNC, and thread processing.

The appearance of the automatic tapping machine is also very beautiful, and the service life is relatively long. Welcome to come for consultation!

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