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Operation and Maintenance of Core Shooting Machine


Are you able to do all of the following?

1.Before starting the core-shooting machine, check whether the lubricating device of the core-shooting machine is perfect, refuel according to the regulations, check whether the tightening parts are tightened, whether the operating handles are in zero position (vacancy), whether the air valve is flexible, whether there is air leakage in the pipeline, and then open the main air valve to release the accumulated air and water in the pipeline.

2.When using the core-shooter, we should observe the operation carefully. In operation, we should often use air to clean the sand grains in the lubricating and running parts. It is strictly forbidden to stick sand in the lubricating parts.

3.The worktable should be cleaned up after each modeling work, so that the second modeling work can be started.

4.After using the core shooter, the handle should be returned to zero (empty) position, the valves should be closed, the cleaning equipment should be cleaned and the site should be cleaned. The sliding (rotating) parts of the equipment should be kept clean and lubricated, and the tools and moulds should be carefully checked.

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