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What is a tapping machine?


Tapping machine is a kind of machining equipment which processes internal thread, screw or thread on the inner side of the hole of parts with different specifications such as shell, end face of equipment, nut, flange and so on.

Tapping machine is also called thread tapping machine or automatic tapping machine, etc.

Features of tapping machine:

High precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple, automatic reversing device can freely adjust tapping stroke, shallow hole and low machining parts with hole can also be easily adjusted, double safety device can prevent damage (breakage) of wire tapping, spindle rotation and up and down, advance and retreat cutter are equipped with double safety clutch, main shaft can automatically stop, reverse and retreat cutter will not damage cutter.

1. The spindle feed and retreat tool is automatically and precisely matched according to the pitch, so it will not float up when working.

2. The operator's hands are free to leave the machine.

3. It can be used for high-speed continuous circulation operation and is durable.

4. Beginners can also operate smoothly.

5. High precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple.

6. The double safety clutch device can prevent the breakage of the tap.

7. The cooperation of multi axis tapping device can produce high efficiency operation.

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