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Characteristics and advantages of Drilling Tapping Cutting Machine


Drilling Tapping Cutting Machine is a metal cutting machine tool that integrates cutting, drilling, and tapping. It has the advantages of accurate processing, fast speed, simple operation, and high degree of automation, and is widely used in drilling.

So what are the characteristics and advantages of the Drilling Tapping Cutting Machine?

1. High precision tapping stroke adjustment is simple.
2. The dual safety clutch device can prevent wire breakage attacks.
3. The combination of multi axis tapping machines can produce fast and efficient operation.
4. The advance and retreat of the spindle are automatically and accurately matched according to the tooth pitch, and will not float during operation.
5. It can be equipped with 2-24 axis movable multi axis, fixed multi axis, and indexing plate to improve productivity and save time and effort.

6. According to the requirements of customer parts processing, we can plan, design, and manufacture semi-automatic and automatic drilling and tapping machines for cutting.

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