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What are the purposes and applications of the Drilling Tapping Machine?


The Drilling Tapping Machine is a relatively hard drill bit that leaves cylindrical holes and strip threads on the inner wall of the holes on the surface of the workpiece through high-speed operation and rotating extrusion. The development of automatic drilling machines also facilitates the processing of drilling and tapping parts. Where can I use it? Drilling and tapping machines play a crucial role in the processing of drilling and tapping, as well as in the molding of industries such as hardware, rubber, plastics, and electronics.

Usage 1: Automatic drilling machine is used for mechanical equipment, such as hardware automatic drilling machine, plastic automatic drilling machine, etc.

Application 2: Precision hardware automatic drilling machine. Usually, when metal drills are used to process metal products, some cutting fluid needs to be sprayed to prevent the drill bit from overheating and breaking bricks at excessively high temperatures. Mainly used for the processing of some precision products, mainly for punching and tapping watch straps, jewelry, etc

Usage 3: The punching and tapping of round pipes and square pipes are specially modified and generally used for products with small errors such as radiators, square aluminum profiles, metal products, PVC pipes, etc.

Application 4: Our company's products are used for metals, and some gantry drilling machines are used for drilling cores, ore cores, rock cuttings, gas samples, liquid samples, etc. To identify underground geology and mineral resources.
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