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Operation procedure and process division method of automatic drilling machine


The machine used in the work must be carried out according to the standard operating procedures. This is to make greater use of machines and equipment. The following is the operation procedure of the automatic drilling machine.

First, before starting work, check all parts of the equipment, whether the buttons are normal, and whether the drill bit is damaged. These components must be checked before starting. There are two reasons:

1. For the safety of equipment, ensure normal operation;

2. For the safety of workers, avoid the phenomenon of workers being injured.

Secondly, run the empty machine again and observe whether the lubricating oil is working and whether the equipment has abnormal noise. After confirming that there are no miscellaneous personnel around the equipment, be sure to work to avoid obstructing the staff's vision and affecting the operation.

Finally, after the work is completed, the tools used should be removed in turn, cleaned and placed in the designated area. The equipment and surrounding areas should also be cleaned and then transferred to other people for work.

While the automatic drilling machine is processing, the process is relatively centralized, and the remarkable feature is that the workpiece can complete most of the processing content only after one clamping. According to this processing feature, in order to improve the service life of the CNC drilling machine, maintain the processing accuracy of the fully automatic drilling machine, and reduce the processing cost of the parts, we generally separate the rough processing and finishing of the workpiece, in order to optimize the processing program of the workpiece. Then let's talk about the specific process method of dividing the workpiece.

1Delineation according to the processing position. Namely, the plane and positioning surface shall be processed first, and then the hole shall be processed; First process simple geometric shapes, then process complex geometric shapes; The parts with low accuracy shall be processed first, and then the parts with high accuracy shall be processed.

2According to the rough and finish machining of the workpiece. According to the shape, dimensional accuracy and other factors of the parts, that is, according to the principle of separating rough and finish machining, rough machining, then semi-finish machining, and finally finish machining.

3According to the principle of tool concentration. This method is to divide the process according to the tool used, use the same tool to finish all the parts and contents that can be processed, and then change the tool. This method can reduce the number of tool changes, shorten the auxiliary time and reduce unnecessary positioning errors.

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