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In-mold tapping machine is the main development direction of domestic mold industry automation


The in-mold tapping machine is installed at a specific position on the mold, which converts the up and down motion of the punch into rotary motion, and completes the tapping action during the opening and closing process of the mold. This equipment is a device specially installed in the stamping die to form threads. Because of the integration of stamping and tapping, the secondary tapping process of stamping parts can be avoided, the cost can be reduced, and the production efficiency can be improved. The formed thread has high precision and good strength, which is especially suitable for continuous forming die or forward drawing die.


In foreign countries, as early as the late 1970s, there were research and development and production, such as France, Germany and Italy. In-mold tapping technology has been widely used, especially in the fields of automobile, electronics, household appliances, etc. The use of this technology has doubled the production efficiency, so it is widely used abroad. Since 2005, the tapping technology of each company has gradually matured. Due to the differences in tapping principle, technical capability and service level, the market share and industry share of each manufacturer of internal die tapping machine also have certain differences. Yuei automation is a manufacturer of in-mold tapping machine that integrates professional research and development, production and sales, and is specialized in the solution of in-mold tapping for hardware stamping products.


China's mold industry is at a stage of rapid development, and the development level of the mold industry has gradually become an important indicator to measure the manufacturing level. The main reason is that as many as 60% - 90% of modern industrial products are molded by molds, especially in the fields of automobiles, electronics and electrical appliances. Moreover, the manufacturing of mold has the advantages of high precision, high complexity, high uniformity and high efficiency that other processing methods can not match. Although China's mold industry has maintained a good growth trend, the high-end market of China's mold still needs to rely on imports, especially for some large automobile panel molds, some molds requiring ultra-high precision and multi-functional composite molds. The in-mold tapping technology is one of the multi-functional composite molds. Because the in-mold tapping effectively avoids the secondary operation, improves the operation efficiency, and completely changes the processing technology of the metal stamping parts, these molds with high technological content have become the main development direction of the domestic mold industry.

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